Venice, 1291. Pipa Polo is 15 years old.
She receives a letter from her father, the great explorer Marco Polo, announcing that he is being held captive by Kublai Khan in his Chinese Imperial Palace. In exchange for his freedom, the emperor demands that a messenger should bring him the seven most beautiful melodies in the world. As Pipa is a fabulous violinist, her father entrusted her with this mission…
Straight out of the imagination of the Belgian multi-instrumentalists Aurélie Dorzée and Tom Theuns comes this great voyage packed with fantasy, humor and improvisation. During this show, the Silk Road is slowly unveiled by means of traditional and classical music of the Balkans, Persia and Asia. Exploring authentic world music and mingling them with their own, often delirious compositions, this duo enchants with the beauty of their singing accompanied by stunning instrument sounds such as the viola d'amore, trumpetviolin and mandocello . Exotic!
Aurélie Dorzée: violin, viola d'amore , trumpet violin & vocals
Tom Theuns: mandocello , bouzouki , guitar, vocals
Conception and music: Aurélie Dorzée and Tom Theuns