Aurélie Dorzée joue la viola d'amore, violon, alto, chante & compose

 Sa musique est une ballade dans un monde d'improvisations, de chansons folk-modernes et moyenâgeuses, un programme fort intéressant !  

Fille de comédien, sa musique est un théâtre



Hello Everybody, 

Here are the last news… I've the great pleasure to receive a command of composition from The Virago Symphonic Orchestra, this is a very exciting proposal ! This Orchestra is a women Orchestra under the direction of Pascale Van Os and Eline Corte which is based in Antwerpen. After one year of work,  a residency at the Antwerp Conservatory, sleepless nights with this crazy musical carrousel in my head and thousands of notes written down on paper, "La Vie d'une Femme" will be on stage this autumn with a few concerts in Wallonia.  We’ll also record a short film. “La Vie d'une Femme” is a musical ballad of exquisite delicacy in the life of a woman 

Before this creation, I'll have some enjoyables tours in France & UK with Tom Theuns, my faithful traveling & musical companion. Our duo is selected at a showcase in Efex Manchester Folk Festival  (UK) and we are also continue our last double album release going on tour in Normandy & Belgium.  I've some new collaborations: l'll record a EP with Stéphane Colin & Philippe Malfeyt and some concerts with Annelies and concerts with Solia (Raquel Gigot)

We are proud to announce that our latest album "The Seven Gardens" is on #4 of the World Music Charts of Europe !

"The Seven Gardens" was CD of the week on Belgian National Radio Klara !

The Seven Gardens 


Don't postpone your freedom !

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